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Updated: Feb 27, 2018

I think, at first man should see my paintings with his heart, with his whole body, without words. Then this text can help the thoughtful person to understand my works.

When I paint, I have no idea or no plan at the beginning. I try to have in my head empty while I paint. Because I want to paint with the feeling of my unconscious. I focus on hearing the shout of the soul or spirit. I know nothing of this inner reality, because I have no intention when I paint. But I notice that my paintings reflect finally my opinion.

I like the color "black" and "red". I think that "black" means fear or death, and "red" means life or instinct. I think that my opinion is influenced by a particular experience. When I was twelve years old, my father is in truly suddenly died in an accident. Since that time I have faced the theme of death. And so I think that I can feel the life stronger. - In this world in which there are much fear, worry and danger, I want to burn the flame of life and live with all my might. I think my paintings probably express this feeling.

Does the creature live or not in my paintings? They have no iris in their eyes. It usually means that one has died. The paintings, however, have full of life. Although they live, however, are also dead. Or they are dead, but also live. Once I organized an exhibition titled "The Scene of Live and Death." I figure that they live in such a world.

Man can also have a different view. Normally I paint on the face only thier eyes which don't have the pupils. Why? These figures can see. But without pupils. Rather with the heart, the soul. They see through their eyes which I call them "window" and they feel us directly.

There is a reason. The most important thing is for me to "see". When I meet one person - I know that's not so good that they are judged only by the first impression - I would like to see him carefully and judge him with the information that I learn about through my dealings with him. Sometimes I also make mistakes. If I do it, but I mean I had less ability to see. I think that "seeing" means "feeling". That does not mean intellect "understand" with our brain. That means "feel" with the heart and body. When I look at a tree, I don't want to understand it as a "symbol". I want to feel "the existence" of the tree directly.

There is another reason. In my favorite book "The Little Prince" the fox gave the little prince a secret about the world: "One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." When I thought the first reason about my feelings, I was reminded of this phrase of the fox and I was very surprised by this coincidence.

I paint with the feeling of mine that comes from the unconscious. Then I look at the finished painting and give my feeling appropriate words.

This is an impression of mine which I had when I saw my paintings. But that is just my impression. I think that is the most important of all, to feel our-self directly. What do you feel about my paintings? Man should consider it. That is what I want to say at the end.

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