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I was born on May 4th 1980 in Akita in Japan and lived there until the age of 18. After finishing school I moved to Ibaraki near Tokyo and started to study. The studies, as a school-nurse, lasted four years.

In my school days I myself was often in the treatment room of the school, not because I had hurt myself, but because I wanted to talk quietly with someone. I was a shy boy and had problems with the atmosphere in the class. A particularly dramatic experience in my childhood was the death of my father as I was 12 years old. I realized that my life sometime will have an end.

The first two years of my studies, I was very lazy, spent a lot of time with my girlfriend, learned little. Suddenly, I was afraid of the future. I started more drawing than to engage in learning in the lectures. I bought extra books just for drawing and had secretly drawn the teachers. It finally developed a vision for my future, I was very optimistic, someday to be an artist. At 22, I have completed my studies successfully, but eventually never worked in the field.

My first exhibition was in 2002. Following this where other exhibitions and projects that regularly took place.

Even though it is very difficult to be an artist, it seems for me the only way to lead an active and vital life. I am an autodidact.

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