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The thing that I paint

I want to feel the existence of mine more strong as possible I could. I want to feel this world more clear as possible I could. My soul also wants it in this world that there are no sure thing. And the thing that I love someone, I travel somewhere, I paint a picture gives my life actual feeling.

The thing that I paint is a work that I try to catch the existence of mine who inherit a baton from at the beginning of the universe from this chaotic world, scoop it out and print it.

We need good eye to catch the existence. First of all we have to look it clearly. And, we have to feel with our all body and soul as possible. Moreover, we have to get a lot of moving experiences and hard ways to let our body and soul more sharp and sensitive.

In this way I paint to be alive with the feeling of this world and the existence of mine. The thing that I paint, namely, is the thing that I live.

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Statement (en)

What I want to paint, are pieces that excite me, pieces that my soul shivers. Running lines and throwing colors onto a white blank canvas as the body wishes to move. Concentrating on the ever-changing


I was born on May 4th 1980 in Akita in Japan and lived there until the age of 18. After finishing school I moved to Ibaraki near Tokyo and started to study. The studies, as a school-nurse, lasted four

About my works

I think, at first man should see my paintings with his heart, with his whole body, without words. Then this text can help the thoughtful person to understand my works. When I paint, I have no idea or


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