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Tomohisa Ishizuka

He was born in Akita, Japan

He studied school nurse in Ibaraki University

2003 - 2010  a lot of exhibitions in Tokyo

Since 2010 -  lives and works as an independent painter in Berlin, Germany


Vincent van Gogh, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Niki de Saint Phalle, Joseph Ferdinand Cheval, etc.


The Back Horn, Avishai Cohen, The Yellow Monkey, Satoru Sakamoto, Junko Yano, Hiromi Uehara, world's end girlfriend, Matryoshka, etc.



The little prince, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh, etc.


Ghost in the Shell, Attack on Titan, etc.

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2009.03  "Spring Award 2009" CREARE AOYAMA, Tokyo, Japan

2008.11  "Artcompe X" The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2008.10  "Amuse Art Jam 2008" The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

2008.06  "Tokyo Wonder Wall 2008" Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibitions

2021.01  Menu Box/Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany "Loc(o)k Down(Up) Show"
2019.10  MOTOYA(Book-Café-Gallery), Tokyo, Japan "From Subconscious"

2019.09  Café Épice, Akita, Japan "From Subconscious"

2019.08  Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany "100 SKETCHES"

2019.05  Jazzclub Schlot, Berlin, Germany "From Subconscious"

2019.04  Café Tasso, Berlin, Germany "From Chaos"

2019.01  Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany "DRAWING"

2018.08  Atorion, Akita, Japan "The Landscape living in the Memory"
2017.10  Altes Rathaus, Passau, Germany "Partnerstädtische Bindeglieder"

2017.05  Café Tasso, Berlin, Germany "Fragments of Stories"

2016.04  Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany "Further Forward"

2015.03  Neue Kapelle im Königin Elisabeth Herzberge, Berlin, Germany "Mirror of Soul"

2014.10  Café Tasso, Berlin, Germany "Daydream of Midnight"

2014.06  Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany "Our Café, Our Neighbourhood"

2014.05  VINGT VINS D'ART, Paris, France "The Wanderer in The Unconscious"

2013.12  Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany "Our Café"

2013.10  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "November, 2012 in Berlin"

2012.03  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Tracks of the Soul vol.3"

2011.04  Link Hair Design, Berlin, Germany "Proof of Exsistence"

2011.03  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Tracks of the Soul vol.2"

2010.09  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Tracks of the Soul vol.1"

2010.04  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "The One Before Word"

2009.11  Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, Japan "TWS-Emerging130 : Soul Where It Lived For 29 Years"

2009.09  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "I'm Living?"

2009.03  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Trace of Soul"

2008.09  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "The Scene of Live of Death"

2008.04  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Delicate Monster"

2007.11  GALLERY SOURCE, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan "November, 2007"

2007.09  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Untitled (about a studio) "

2007.03  coco laboratory, Akita, Japan "about a story"

2007.01  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Boku to Boku no"

2006.08  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Intence Thing"

2006.03  K.S.GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan "Melancholic Soldier and Mad Planet"

2004.06  Gallery appel, Kyodo, Tokyo, Japan "material"

2004.06  Ono Gallery Kyobashi, Kyobashi, Tokyo, Japan "Tomohisa's Show"

2004.05  Ono Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan "Tomohisa's Show"

2004.01  Gallery Jiyuu, Tama, Tokyo, Japan "Rock Art Tour"

2002.11  Ikeda Museum, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan "no title no theme, only impulse"

2002.09  Avignon Gallery, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan "TOMOHISA<=>PURUPURUGUM."

Group Exhibitions / Events

2021.09  "20-21" coco laboratory, Akita, Japan

2019.06  "10. BERLINER KUNSTALLEE" Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

2019.04  "FORM ART 2019" Bürgerhaus Glinde, Glinde, Germany

2017.09  "OpenAirGallery2017" Berlin, Germany

2017.06  "Berlin Design Market White Pony" Berlin, Germany

2017.05  "Makersmarket SOLOH" Berlin, Germany

2015.04  "FORM ART 2015" Bürgerhaus Glinde, Glinde, Germany

2014.02  "Four positions of contemporary painting" art place berlin, Berlin, Germany

2013.10  "Zero Exhibition 2013" Jyukai Arena, Akita, Japan

2012.09  "YES BUT NO by KOIKLUB 11th September" KRACH STUDIO, Berlin, Germany

2012.08  "APART" Café Pappelreihe, Berlin, Germany

2012.02  "PLUG European Electronic Music Conference" Berlin, Germany

2011.09  "08. Berliner KUNSTSALON" UFERHALLEN, Berlin, Germany

2010.10  "Japanese & German Contemporary ART" Gallery DEN, Berlin, Germany

2010.06  "Handmade Book Fair Vol.2" MOTOYA (Book-Cafe-Gallery), Tokyo, Japan


2009.06  Collaborated with "" to exhibit on the street in Lleida, Spain

2008.12  "Lineart 2008" Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium

2006.12  "Design ・ Festa vol.24" Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo, Japan

2005.06  "The world of Fude Shogi" Gallery Spacekids, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan

Open Studio

2018.01  "OFFENE ATELIERS" Berlin, Germany

2017.06  "48 Stunden Neukölln" Berlin, Germany

2017.01  "OFFENE ATELIERS" Berlin, Germany

2015.12  vol.03 Berlin, Germany

2012.01  vol.02 Berlin, Germany

2011.09  vol.01 Berlin, Germany



2019.08  "100 SKETCHES" in Berlin, Germany

2012.11  "Painting | Newspaper" in Berlin, Germany

2007.11  "Painting | Newspaper" in Tokyo, Japan

2005.01  "Fude Shogi" with Toshiaki Kouda



2016.03  "Seelenspiegel" Art book

2010.10  "Portraits of The Soul" Art book

2010.06  "Encounters of Petroglyphs" Travel journal ver.2

2008.01  "November, 2007" Art book

2007.03  "Grain of Soul" Art book

2003.11  "Encounters of Petroglyphs" Travel journal


2014.06  "BIFROST Vol.17" by Artcross Inc., Japan

2010.08  "Repli Vol.01" Feature: Delicate Monster

2010.06  "The Face of Akita" Interview (web)


2019.12  Music Album "Piano Tomohisa" release

2019.09  at a private office, Berlin, Germany

2018.05  Stay and work in Akita, to September (four months)

2017.08  Stay and work in Passau, to October (three months)

2017.03  at a private office, Wensickendorf, Germany

2008.11  Selected as TWS-Emerging 2009, Tokyo Wonder Site

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